Note: This list of verbs is part of IEEE's Actionable Databook (ADB) vocabulary. Verbs that are not managed by the IEE ADB and referenced from other controlled vocabularies are higlighted in yellow .
Published by: IEEE Actionable Databook Project
Date Created: 2015-04-27
Last Modified: 2015-10-02

Label Description Scope Note ID (IRI) Relationships Closely Related Term Vocabulary
annotated Provide notes or symbols for further explanation or thoughts while reading. narrower: highlighted, noted
answered Answer an interactive question within the eBook or an assessment. More desciptive level of interaction.
arrived Indicates the actor arrived a specific location by movement or progress. To arrive a specific scene within a story or book experience. broadMatch:
bookmarked Persisting the current location (page) where the reader stopped the ebook activity. related:
coached To teach or lead another person through an activity. Coached is a direct response to the Requested verb. The receiver of a Requested statement will periodically respond by sending a Coached statement that clears out the coach's queue. related:
commented Used to add comments or reviews on internal or external resources.These are personal notes, comments shared with colleagues, comments on the content, and requests for edit. This might include comments of the Coach , Supervisor or others to all of the staff members that may be acted upon by a member.
completed Completion of a page, chapter, section, or an entire book experience.
described Detailed answer as a result of an interaction in an ebook activity or assessment.
highlighted Highlight important areas in an eBook for the purpose of later review or note taking. broader:
initiated Used to initiate text code, user preferences or accessibility preferences to a teacher.
noted Add annotation or notes to selected text within an ebook or highlight. broader:
read Indicates that the actor read the object. This is typically only applicable for objects representing printed or written content, such as a book, a message or a comment. closeMatch:
referenced Using dictionary or other resource to look up a selected word. A learner might reference outside information in support of the topic and could reference additional reading for his/her colleagues or mentor.
requested Indicates the actor needed or demanded an object or another actor. Requested indicates a comment that is shared with peers as a group or Coach as a trainer. The request for coaching or help prompts users to respond giving them coaching credit. closeMatch:
resumed Used to resume reading location from previous state.
searched A digital content search within a document or application. closeMatch:
selected Indicates the selected choices, section of text, favored options or settings of an actor in relation to an object or activity.
shared Sharing content with another application or user or additional reference material. If sharing comments with peers or a mentor/trainer, then it may become a request for feedback or a request for coaching.
watched Indicates that the actor has watched the object. This verb is typically applicable only when the object represents dynamic, visible content such as a movie, a television show or a public performance. closeMatch: