A blueprint for implementing xAPI successfully.

A profile provides the human and machine-readable documentation of application-specific vocabulary, extensions, and statement templates for a particular use case or specific implementation of xAPI. This site and the xAPI Profile Spec were created to guide more consistent publishing and maintenance practices for xAPI profiles.

xAPI Profile Guidelines

Define Use Cases

First identify the specific requirements you’re trying to satisfy with xAPI such as improving learning, human performance, or even business processes.

Author & Reuse

Browse and search xapi.vocab.pub and then document the specific vocabulary concepts, profiles, and statement templates you will author from scratch or reuse.

Prototype & Refine

Create functional examples and send statements to an LRS. Query the LRS and visualize the data to help inform any changes or refinements to your profile.

Publish & Share

Publish new profiles based on the Profile Spec. The profiles and vocabulary concepts are curated by the xAPI community and shared at xapi.vocab.pub for reuse.